After visiting the dentist with a toothache and being told you’ll need to have a root canal procedure, the first question most people have is, What will this actually feel like? While it’s different from one person to another, you can rest assured that after your root canal procedure, you’ll return to feeling great about your dental health in no time. Here are some things to expect after having a root canal procedure.

What is a root canal procedure?

Root canal procedures involve removing infected pulp from one or more of your teeth. This can be done by opening up your tooth and cleaning out the root. Once it’s healthy again, your dentist will fill in any areas that may have been affected by decay or infection. Root canal treatment has become safer over time and you shouldn’t worry about it affecting your general dental health.

How safe is a root canal?

Before having a root canal procedure done, you may have heard that it is an extremely painful experience. This could make you hesitant about undergoing it, even if your dentist says it’s necessary. However, if you need to know how safe and effective root canal treatments are these days, you should know that they aren’t nearly as bad as people have led you to believe. Here’s why

How long does a root canal take?

Some patients will only need an hour or two in our office, but others may need longer. If you have other procedures planned and don’t want your next appointment delayed, let us know beforehand. We’ll help you schedule accordingly so you can keep on track with your dental health. Just be sure to tell us at least 24 hours in advance! (Also note that appointments fill up quickly.)

What happens after my tooth has been treated?

Most root canal procedures are very quick and will only take one visit. You will be able to eat and drink right away as your dental health care provider has already removed any bacteria that might have been causing pain or discomfort. As long as your tooth is healthy, you shouldn’t have any problems. If, however, you notice unusual bleeding or prolonged pain in your gums after treatment, you should contact your dentist right away. It could mean that infection is still present and needs further treatment—it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Common Questions About Root Canals

Your root canal procedure will likely be done under local anesthesia, which means you’ll be awake for it but won’t feel any pain. Here are some common questions about what you can expect.