Digital dental x-rays are far more comfortable than conventional film dental x-rays, and it’s important to know exactly why before you decide if you’d like to switch from film to digital. Here are four things you should know about digital dental x-rays.

How Digital dental X-rays are taken?

A sensor is kept in the mouth which captures the image of teeth and jaws.The digital sensor sends image directly to the computer which can be viewed on the computer screen by the dentist.

The dentist can thereby plan the treatment accordingly without wasting time as with the case of conventional X-rays.

Digital dental x-rays are cheaper

Digital x-rays are considerably cheaper than their traditional counterparts. They’re also faster and much more convenient for patients—not only do they reduce radiation exposure by over 90%, but digital x-rays can be viewed immediately after being taken, rather than having to wait up to a week.

Digital dental x-rays last longer

Most people are familiar with traditional dental x-rays, but most dentists and hygienists will tell you that digital dental x-rays are more modern. Traditional dental x-rays use a film to capture an image of your teeth and surrounding structures. The images are stored in a file folder, and they only last so long before they begin to fade or deteriorate. Digital dental x-rays utilize flash memory instead of film; unlike traditional film, digital files do not degrade over time.

There’s less radiation exposure during digital dental x-ray sessions

In traditional dental x-ray sessions, patients are usually exposed to higher levels of radiation. However, as digital dental imaging becomes more popular, dentists are finding ways to cut back on radiation exposure. What does that mean for you? Instead of being bombarded with higher doses of radiation every time you get your teeth checked or have a cavity filled, you can now rest assured that digital imaging is a safer option when it comes to dental x-rays.A digital X-ray requires less radiation to capture a high-resolution image than the traditional X-rays used a few decades ago. Depending on the type of film, equipment, and image being taken, it may be as much as a 90% reduction in exposure!

Digital dental x-ray results can be viewed within minutes

While traditional dental x-rays take at least one day to develop and are hand delivered by a technician, digital dental x-ray results can be viewed within minutes and are usually available that same day. This convenience is great for patients who want to leave their appointment early, but it’s also beneficial to dentists who are able to reduce their wait times.