Kids are the most precious gems of each and every parent.
The most important thing for every parent is to ensure best oral hygiene practices for their child
Oral hygiene care vary according to the age of the child

1.Bed time brushing- It should be a ritual at every home to do brushing at night time .As the food debris gets stick throughout the day ,plaque shall be removed .Kids shall be trained to brush twice a day for 2 minutes per session. As a parent,play their favourite song for 2 minutes and make them brush .Make oral hygiene habits quite engaging for them.
2.Toothpaste- Only a small amount of toothpaste shall be used in the initial stages of childhood .Engage your kid in making choices for their toothbrush as well as toothpaste
3.Natural sugars – Make your child eat fruits as desserts as they contain natural sugars and non-addictive in nature and are non-sticky in nature as compared to desserts such as cake,pastries, chocolates
4.Avoid junk foods and replace them with fibrous foods- Junk foods shall be avoided as they are very sticky and cause caries and cavity .Fibrous foods like carrots,green vegetables etc. shall be included in diet
5.Habits that don’t die easily- Some children have habit of mouthbreathing and thumbsucking which is considered normal in the initial stages but can be harmful for the overall aesthetic of your child . It can actually affect teeth alignment of your child and he/she can have problems in chewing and biting foods

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