Yes !! The name itself generates curiosity- DDIP program

You must be wondering that on a dental blog why I am mentioning DDIP program but there is a reason to it as my blog is a gift from DDIP program. DDIP is digital Deepak Internship Program

Its all about Digital Marketing and its tools

Its the best decision I have taken in my life and you will also agree after completely reading this article.

Well you all know me through my About me page but let’s get little personal 

I am a potato couch in starting any new agenda in my life. I think…overthink and think again but take steps after a very long time

It happens at every stage in my life but I firmly decided to go for DDIP program

What is DDIP and how I came across DDIP program?

My story started in 2019 when I got married and have to quit my job due to location constraints and started part-time content writing .One day  I  came across this name called Deepak Kankaraju aka Digital Deepak when I was searching about blogging and digital marketing.

I started exploring and watched the TEDx video of Deepak Sir and found it very influential. I have followed him for 2 years and  got to know a program called Digital Deepak internship program popularly known as DDIP among people.

Now I am a part of DDIP program batch 12

Here are some of the learnings and benefits from DDIP:

  1. Get access to a community full of enthusiasm and ready to support you anytime
  2. You get Deepak Sir as a mentor and can interact with him through live webinars
  3. In DDIP you will become a owner of a blog and one YouTube channel which is really admirable
  4.  You really learn and implement marketing ,sales and social media tips
  5. You have hands-on experience of all the digital marketing tools as you complete the assignments
  6. Financial abundance- Most of the eyebrows will raise at this moment – How? As it does not really cause any burden on you – the money you spent in internship is regained after completing the assignments and you get it in the form of cashbacks. Isn’t it beyond expectation(Tell me in the comment section)
  7. Intellectual Abundance-You will notice that after completion of DDIP you will become a different person who has more skills and knowledge(Your version 2.0)


A Friendly suggestion:

If you want to learn digital marketing just go ahead , take a step and join DDIP program now -You will feel as if you are reborn

So are you ready to meet a new YOU- Your Future Self