Chewing gum is used since ages. We are always bewildered by the idea of chewing gum .

As kids we loved to have chewing gum everyday, but little did we know about its benefits

What if I told you that chewing gum is beneficial for your oral health?

Yes it’s true so

Let’s explore some facts about chewing gum together:

  1. Why chewing gums are considered harmful?

Chewing sugary gums is harmful as it releases sugar in your mouth, thus creating environment suitable for microorganisms and will help in buildup of plaque and eventually tooth decay. So, chewing sugary gums is a complete NO-NO

  1. What type of chewing gums are beneficial


Sugar-free gums are beneficial for your teeth .While buying a chewing gum always look at the ingredients, the ones which contain xylitol which is a natural sweetener can be taken into consideration. Xylitol is obtained from berries,fruits,vegetables and mushroom.


  1. How sugar-free chewing gums are beneficial?

It helps in various ways to improve your oral health.

  • It increases the secretion of saliva- The stimulated saliva washes and dilutes food particles in the mouth, thus preventing plaque buildup and tooth decay
  • It helps in exercise of muscles of mastication. Regular chewing can tone your muscles and increases its strength.
  • Remineralization of enamel- The  minerals generated by the stimulation of saliva helps in remineralization of enamel (outermost surface of tooth )
  • Dry mouth and bad breath- Due to saliva secretion  dry mouth problems get solved and fresh breathcan be given by peppermint or spearmint chewing gums


  1. When you can have chewing gum?

It is advisable to take chewing gum after taking food as it washes away food particles from your teeth,helps to combat bad breathe due to garlic and onion rich foods.You can take it 2 or 3 times a day.After having chewing gum you can brush your teeth


Excessive use of chewing gums shall be avoided as it can cause excessive strain of jaw muscles and headache


After knowing all the important aspects of eating chewing gum___ are you still reading the article ___Go and just grab your chewing gum pack


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