Carbonated drinks are sold widely and has become choice for everyone.

Today people from any age group have become addicted to carbonated drinks

But these drinks are very harmful for oral health and also overall health.


Many researches have been done which has proved the deteriorating effects on teeth


What are carbonated drinks?


Carbonated drinks contain soda and high amounts of sugar.

Soda lowers the pH of saliva which in turn erodes the enamel(outer surface of tooth).

Too much sugar creates environment friendly for microorganisms.


How carbonated drinks are unhealthy?

It can erode the outer surface of tooth(enamel) which leads to tooth erosion

You can have sensitivity issues if enamel will erode




What can be done if you crave for carbonated drink?

If you really crave someday for carbonated drinks and cannot ignore your craving then ,here I will share some tips

  1. Use Straw – By using straw for drinks it will not get in contact with your tooth and if by chance gets in contact ,the damage to tooth will be limited .This is the best way to drink without harming much of your tooth structure


  1. Do brush after having carbonated drinks- After drinking ,brushing with Flouridated toothpaste can help in remineralization of enamel I.e minerals which are etched due to contact with acidic environment can be restored and eventually tooth structure can be restored


  1. Use flouridated water- Drinking frequent sips of flouridated water can help in restoration of tooth structure


Substitute to drinks:

  1. Coconut water – The clear liquid inside coconut is called as coconut water.It is rich in nutrients and everyone feels refreshing after drinking coconut water
  2. Water -Drinking lots of water will keep your body hydrated and you will not crave for theses types of carbonated beverages
  3. Milk – Remember how we used to love milk in our childhood days. We were just having milk the whole day.Milk is whole food which gives
  4. Smoothies- These smoothies will fill you up and provide you with dense nutrients
  5. Soups- Soups works best in winter season
  6. Shakes
  7. Herbal Teas- There is huge number of recipes for herbal teas