Habits are minor activities which we do each day sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously.

Habits can be categorized as good or bad according to the outcome produced by them.

Habits can be formed easily but it’s difficult to eradicate bad habits from your life

Some habits can be devastating as well as damaging to your teeth.

  1. Brushing too hard- Aggressive type of brushing with too much force and pressure can damage gums and teeth. Teeth damage can mainly occur in the form of dental erosion (the outer surface of tooth surface- enamel is damaged) and if other deep layers are also damaged then tooth sensitivity can occur and there is high risk of tooth decay.


  1. Teeth Grinding- Teeth grinding or bruxism can be very harmful for not only your teeth but also for jaws and muscles of head and neck. Bruxism can happen in awake state or in night time while sleeping. Sometimes the person himself doesn’t know that he/ she has the problem of grinding teeth. IN such a condition do visit your dentist as it is a serious concern


  1. Tools for opening packets- Some people have the habit of opening tight bottles/cans and packets with teeth but it is a dangerous habit as it can cause your teeth to chip and crack .When your tooth is chipped off then it can cause hypersensitivity and tooth decay. So, keep a tool to open your cans, packets and bottle instead of becoming “BAHUBALI “and using your teeth as bottle opener



  1. Make your children sleep with bottles – When a child goes to bed with the bottle of milk and juice then sugars cling to their teeth whole night , these sugars can help bacteria to grow and produce acid which can eventually cause tooth decay and caries. The specific term given to the caries is nursing bottle caries and this can be avoided by cleaning baby’s mouth before sleep and remove the bottle.


  1. Nail biting- Nail biting can not just damage your nails but also damage your teeth. This is the most disgusting habit anyone can have – it can also be due to some anxiety disorder. If anyone can have


  1. Carbonated drinks – Carbonated drinks contain soda and high amounts of sugar.

Soda lowers the pH of saliva which in turn erodes the enamel(outer surface of tooth).

Too much sugar creates environment friendly for microorganisms.

7. Chewing on objects – Remember your childhood days , you tend to put everything in your mouth but your parents scolded you for doing so . Some people still have this habit of chewing on pen, pencil or other stationary items while working . Instead of chewing on these items , go and take a break and use a chewing gum or cardamom or other mouth fresheners.

8.Smoking – Smoking can have a large impact on your teeth and gums.

Smoking can cause

  • Tooth discolorations -The nicotine and tar seeps into tooth enamel leaving the tooth color yellow
  • Tooth decay- Smoking supports bacteria, plaque and tartar build -up leading to cavities, decay and tooth loss
  • Periodontal disease
  • Bone damage and tooth loss