About Me

I am Dr. Neha Raisane, pursued BDS and MBA in hospital management and also worked with prestigious hospitals like Narayana and Medanta Hospital. You must be wondering Why I Started this blog??

Let me tell you :

As we all know dentists are doctors of oral health and in layman language they keep our teeth strong and healthy by treating dental problems and promoting oral health .Oral health is neglected and always taken for granted since ages. On advising dental treatment for cavities and toothache the patient quotes are- “What’s the big deal; teeth are just used for chewing food” and they plan for extraction of tooth.  Oral health not only comprises of teeth but all the muscles,ligaments,nerves and bones which play a very important role in talking, smiling, chewing food,smell,taste and facial expressions. So, are you still thinking that oral health is less important – No not at all; it’s the very part of human existence?

On this platform various common dental problems and diseases will be shared with you in a simple language so that you can easily understand about teeth and oral cavity. In India dental awareness is negligible and people don’t want to visit dentist regularly, this creates problem as the disease progresses and the concerned person not only losses his/her tooth but also compromise with his/her general well-being .Oral health is a reflection as well as window of overall health. Several studies have shown a link between oral microflora and heart disease like endocarditis and respiratory diseases like pneumonia. In diseases like AIDS and diabetes first signs are in the form of oral manifestations like periodontitis and xerostomia. You will get to know about all this eventually through my blog.

Blogging provides a very good platform to share your knowledge with others. I have created this blog to create awareness among masses for dental problems and also help them by educating about dental diseases and importance of teeth and good oral health.  I would love to value your feedback over this blog and you can always guide me about the topics discussed in this blog as a friend, senior and colleague.

 Through this blog you can also ask several questions revolving about teeth and oral health in your mind by clicking on Contact us Page where you can directly mail me your queries.

Thanks for joining me in this journey.

Dr. Neha Raisane