8 Tips For Healthy Teeth and Gums

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All of us know that smile makes our personality vibrant and attractive but very few people know that a good oral health results in a beautiful smile. Just believe me you can get it by simply keeping track of your habits . In my childhood my mother used to brush my teeth before going to bed ( twice daily)  – at that time it was a tedious task for me but now after learning dental sciences I am so grateful to my mother for developing such a good habit in me from my childhood. Now I just can’t imagine myself sleeping without brushing my teeth. You will be surprised to know that my husband being a doctor himself is also motivated by my actions.

Developing any habit can be a daunting task for many of us but developing a good dental habit is easy,less time consuming and highly beneficial .


Now guys I am going to disclose you tips for healthy teeth:


  1. Brush – Brush but don’t Rush

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Some People brush like they have to catch a train and rubbing very hard on their teeth surface and that too with hard bristles. Guys don’t do it, go very soft and gentle and do it with soft bristles twice a day. Brushing reduces the oral micro flora in your mouth and removes food particle from the tooth surfaces and gums thereby preventing tooth decay.


  1. Rinse away all your germs using Mouthwash


Mouthwash can combat bad breath and also play an important role as they reach out  areas where you brush cannot reach .Mouthwash reduces tooth decay and gum inflammation . They can also whiten teeth using a bleaching agent as well as remove plaque from your mouth.

In older people and children who cannot brush their teeth properly -mouthwash can be really beneficial.However,mouthwash cannot substitute regular brushing and flossing


3.No No Don’t Forget Tongue Scrapers

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Yeah ! You read it right – tongue scrapers are awesome way to keep germs and bacteria at bay . Even after brushing your teeth twice daily the whole mouth is not clean without cleaning your tongue. If the tongue is not cleaned on a daily basis then it harbors microorganism which can be very harmful for your health. So make sure you use tongue scrapers on a daily basis.



4.Visit your Tooth- Savior(Dentist)


You should visit dentist every 6 months -you have heard it so many times but you are not able to follow as you feel its just a free advice  but Let me tell you the reasons behind it  through examples from my dental practice- People generally ignore their teeth unless they got a toothache and sensitivity but there are so many hidden cavities inside your mouth which can be diagnosed only by dentist .Many patients have come with a full swelling on their face and no pain but there was presence of dental abscess ,in such instances they have to undergo minor surgery as well as RCT or tooth loss can happen- this situation can be totally avoided by undergoing regular dental check-ups .Receding gums and many other oral anomalies can be diagnosed at earlier stages if you visit your dentist regularly.


5.Flossing & Inter dental Brushes-

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Flossing is important as brushing just cleans 3 surfaces of your tooth but there are five surfaces and the other 2 surfaces are cleaned by flossing. It keeps gums healthy and remove plaque between the teeth thereby promoting overall health. If you find flossing difficult then interproximal brushes can be used as it provides broader coverage of interproximal surfaces and also behind the third molars (area inaccessible by regular toothbrush)


6.Eat right for your Healthy teeth-


-White foods like all purpose  flour, sugar are sticky in nature and can cause bacteria in your mouth by sticking to your teeth. So avoid them and fill your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables as they are fibrous in nature and provide you with nutrients so overall good for your health. Candies and chocolates are to be avoided as they stick to the tooth surface for a long time and sugar content makes them a playground for bacteria. Say no to carbonated drinks as they remove the enamel (Top layer of the tooth).Keep yourself  and your teeth healthy by eating right.


  1. Your Best Friend: FLOURINE

Use Fluoridated Toothpaste-

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Toothpastes are used as cleaning agents with toothbrush as it removes plaque(a soft deposit on tooth ) , clean and polish teeth, remove stains, restore initial cavities and helps to fight bad breath.

Fluoridated toothpaste has advantage that it can reverse cavities by remineralization on top layer of  tooth surface- enamel


  1. Avoid Tobacco and Smoking-

Smoking can create havoc  for your oral and overall health . I will list out several problems which are related to smoking

Bad Breath- We all know we can identify smokers from a distance and really want to move away from them due to bad breath. Their mouth gradually becomes a powerhouse of bacteria as

Gum disease and Jaw diseases- Smoking interferes with normal functioning of our oral tissues and create problems in gums and tooth attachment tissues.

White Patches in your Mouth(Leukoplakia)-It can appear as white patches inside of mouth in chronic smokers. These patches can turn into oral cancer.

Oral Cancer- Several studies have provided the linkage between smoking and cancer. It has been proved that tobacco has chemicals called as carcinogens which travel the bloodstream and alter the cell DNA which produces cancer cells. So Please avoid using tobacco in any form and smoking. If you care for yourself and your family as well as want to be a responsible citizen .

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Please follow these instructions diligently and make your smile beautiful day by day.

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